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Voriconazole 200 mg powder for solution for infusion


Voriconazole is a triazole antifungal agent. The primary mode of action of voriconazole is the inhibition of fungal cytochrome P450-mediated 14 alpha-lanosterol demethylation, an essential step in fungal ergosterol biosynthesis. The accumulation of 14 alpha-methyl sterols correlates with the subsequent loss of ergosterol in the fungal cell membrane and may be responsible for the antifungal activity of voriconazole. Voriconazole has been shown to be more selective for fungal cytochrome P-450 enzymes than for various mammalian cytochrome P-450 enzyme systems.

Voriconazole Rompharm is a broad-spectrum, triazole antifungal agent and is indicated as follows:

• Treatment of invasive aspergillosis.

• Treatment of candidaemia in non-neutropenic patients.

• Treatment of fluconazole-resistant serious invasive Candida infections (including C. krusei).

• Treatment of serious fungal infections caused by Scedosporium spp. and Fusarium spp.


Code: J02AC03
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