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Rompharm s philosophy is oriented towards product quality and compliance with GMP throughout the entire manufacturing and distribution process, along with adherence to other regulations (such as EC Directive 2003/94/EC). Our success is based on implementing modern technologies and maintaining a comprehensive quality system.


A key component of our quality system is our personnel. Their skills and creative potential are more valuable than our assets and equipment, making each employee an integral part of the quality assurance system.


Rompharm s product range is aligned with the market s real and potential capacity, as well as the level and prospects of demand, marketing products in 57 countries. Most of our products are generic medicines. Our marketing efforts target medical representatives through our network in CIS countries and relationships with local distributors. In terms of price and quality, our products are competitive compared to available analogues.


Rompharm is expanding its product range and aiming to grow its sales in the EU market, collaborating with strategic partners.


Rompharm Company looks optimistically toward establishing commercial relations with distributors of pharmaceutical products and is open to long-lasting mutual collaborations.


2004 Rompharm began operations as a pharmaceutical manufacturer with its first GMP-approved facility, consisting of two production lines: one for sterile solutions/suspensions (eye drops) and the other for non-sterile solutions/suspensions (oral drops, nasal drops/spray, topical solution/spray). These two lines have a capacity to release 30 million units per year. Due to increasing market demands, Rompharm has acquired high-tech equipment, achieving a production capacity of 64 million units yearly.


2006 September, comissioned its second facility for solid dosage forms, powders, granules, or pellets, conditioned in capsules, sachets, or bottles (dry syrups).


2007 December, started its third facility for injectable solutions, produced aseptically or with terminal sterilization, with a capacity of 100 million ampoules per year.


2012 New facility for manufacturing of prefilled syringes and solutions for infusion in glass vials. The prefilled syringes line, with an output of more than 100 million units per year, accommodates a wide range of filling volumes from 0.3ml to 20ml. The line for infusions in glass containers, with an output of more than 20 million units per year, manages volumes ranging from 2ml to 250ml.


2017-2018, Rompharm certified two new complete manufacturing lines for sterile solutions aseptically prepared, conditioned in monodoses with a fill volume between 0.1 and 3ml, as well as a complete manufacturing line for freeze-dried products in glass vials.


2019, a second fully automated lyophilization line was commissioned, significantly expanding its capacity to produce freeze-dried pharmaceutical products.


2023, the capacity of the lyophilization line was doubled by installing a second lyophilizator, reinforcing its commitment to consistent high-quality pharmaceutical production. 


2024, Rompharm completed its new oncology products plant. This state-of-the-art facility is equipped to produce specialized oncology medications, including injectable solutions in vials and freeze-dried products. The plant s capabilities and quality assurance processes are designed to deliver safe and effective treatment to healthcare providers and patients worldwide while safeguarding personnel at the highest level.


Additionally, the company finalized the construction of its new manufacturing plant in Uzbekistan, which was EU GMP inspected. This plant not only expands Rompharm s manufacturing capabilities, but also enables the company to serve new markets with its range of pharmaceutical products. 


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